Tenants in Nigeria

It is undeniable that as tenants in Nigeria, everyone has an experience to share about agents, property or property owners. Starting from house hunting to getting the house in shape, overwhelming rules and regulations from the landlords, dealing with other difficult tenants, nosy landlords, and so many things one has to put up with as a tenant. Tenants in Nigeria are also unaware of their tenancy rights which makes it difficult to claim their rights from their landlords.

Respay is an online platform that helps facilitate the relationship between the landlord and the tenants. There are so many benefits to enjoy from Respay as tenants. You get to have direct access to the landlord, your tenancy agreement documents, receipts and invoices for due payment, proper documentation and contact information, refund on your caution fee and other merits that will give you a positive experience.

Firstly, you can access multiple properties with their pictures and features on the listing platform which can be filtered to your desired preference. This will help reduce the stress of going from one apartment to the other house hunting, thereby conserving money and time. You also get to avoid getting into the hands of fraudulent agents who pose to be managers of the properties.

Following their application on the Respay, tenants are screened by their landlord or facility manager to know if they meet up with the requirements stated on the properties. There is clear feedback between the parties and unnecessary delay is avoided if application is rejected.

In addition, Respay makes provision for monthly, quarterly or annual payment of rent. Maintenance can be requested on the platform, update and method for repairs on property can be negotiated with the tenants and the landlord. This will put an end to unattended complaints from tenants.
Finally, due to rising hardship in the economy, paying rent can be difficult, Respay provides rent loans and rent advances for tenants on the platform through third-party financial institutions with low-interest rates. Also, tenants can save towards their next rent in a convenient way on the platform to avoid accumulated debts or possible eviction.

Get started on Respay today by signing up via https://apps.respay.com, also available on Google play.