Features & Benefits

Property portfolio management and Real estate payments.

Organize your Properties

Manage your properties, units, occupancy, features with an intuitive dashboard showing comprehensive overview of properties, financial expectations and expenses.

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Market your Properties

Manage property listings for sale, rent and lease, display terms, amenities, photo gallery and others. Set competitive prices with our pricing estimate based on area trends.

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Application and Screening

Receive and manage applications for sale, lease & rent, manage applicants, choose the right tenants, tenant screenings with criminal, credit and eviction records.

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Property Portfolio Management

Organize and manage your properties and units. Make your bookkeeping complete and accurate with our property management accounting software.

Get a new level of control, transparency and access to financial data; with Respay® you have full visibility and in control of your real estate assets and accounting.

  • Offer all popular payment methods
  • One partner and one source of data
  • No reliance on third parties

Electronic Wallet

Send and receive funds, security deposit escrow, transfer of funds on Respay® platform, make payment of rents, service charge, estate dues, utility bills.

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Maintenance Management

Submit and track the status of maintenance requests, receive automatic notifications, manage work orders, assign to vendors and pay bills in just a few clicks.

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Online Document Storage

Organize, secure and manage your real estate files efficiently with an electronic paperwork storage space of 15GB. Store PDF, Word, Excel, CADs and more.

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Online Payment with Global Remittance

Secure platform for tenants and residents to pay rent, service charge, association dues and other invoices online with local/international cards and direct debit.

Property owners can receive their payments directly into their local accounts in all African countries, UK, US, EU and Canada.

  • Realtime settlement to designated accounts
  • Offer all popular payment methods
  • Convenient, Fast and Secure

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