Ms. Chika


She came across an apartment that she would like to occupy, but the house needed some repairs. The agent guaranteed her that the property owner would renovate once initial rent is paid. She paid on the agent’s assurance.

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A week later, she met the property owner to execute the tenancy agreement. It was at the meeting that she was told by the property owner that the property was to be rented out as-is; and no repairs would be done. Estimated cost of repairs is almost half the rent. She discussed the possibility of getting credit on subsequent rent if she goes ahead to do the repairs, but the property owner did not accept the offer.

This very frustrating situation led to Ms. Chika requesting for a refund of the rent paid and she was then informed that she would have to wait till another tenant paid for the property.


Respay came to Ms. Chika’s aid: The platform provided full disclosure of all relevant terms relating to all listed properties. Applicants can set their search preferences to find a rental that fits their needs perfectly. The platform incorporates the following search parameters; location, property size & type, overall condition, installed appliances and fittings, available facilities, infrastructure, comparable rentals among others.

Respay also allows Ms. Chika to conveniently make online payment for rent and other relevant fees on his new choice of property. She was able to submit maintenance request on the platform and get quick action from the property owner. The property owner allows her to pay for the maintenance by issuing her a credit note on the Respay platform and the credit note is applied to subsequent rent.


  • Misleading Information on Rental Property
  • Payment and Refund Issues
  • No Maintenance Culture


  • Full disclosure on listed property and features
  • Online Payment and Escrow of Security Deposit
  • Maintenance Request and Tracking