A young lady in her early twenties got a job in an IT firm in Lagos and needs to relocate from Calabar. Hence, the need for a space in Lagos. Being tech-savvy who is always busy with work as a programmer, she understands that she doesn’t have to go around with agents to search for accommodation.

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She understands that if she is not careful, she might get swindled by the agents she was avoiding physically. Therefore, she needs someone who would refer to a trustworthy real estate firm to her.


Respay came to her aid as in no time using the app, she was able to search new properties using her search preference as per the type of accommodation she needs, apply online for it, which is not time-consuming, and follow up with the application process.


  • Fear of being swindled.
  • Difficulty finding the right accommodation.


  • A trustworthy real estate software.
  • Accountability.