UADB Properties

Portfolio Manager

Has over 10,000 housing units under their management spread across 5 States of the country. These housing units are owned by 12 HNIs; they individually committed the units into the care of UADB to generate stress-free returns.

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It recently considered subscribing to one of the popular ERP solutions but the cost was very prohibitive. Respay came as the perfect cost-efficient solution that addresses all its challenges. UADB onboarded all the housing units onto the Respay platform and was able now easy manage the portfolio. Its registered users log into the Respay platform from anywhere that with access to the internet.


Respay helped UADB to receive faster rent payments via multiple payment options at the convenience of the tenants. The app ensures instant settlement into UADB Respay Wallet or directly into its bank account. UADB also find the incorporated accounting and budgeting system very useful.

With our Rent Estimate Service, we help UADB on determining the right price for their rentals. We have a proprietary rent estimate system which our real estate experts use to set standardized rent prices. The system incorporates all relevant parameters including but not limited to location, property size & type, overall condition, installed appliances and fittings, available facilities, infrastructure, and comparable rentals. The system also helps to automate their rent review process.


  • The stress of rent collections and reconciliation of payments.
  • Difficulty in preparing proper accounting, budgeting, and budgeting controls.
  • Difficulty in monitoring usage and permission.
  • Monitoring and attending to maintenance requests.
  • Relied on phone, email, and wall pasting to communicate with the occupants.


  • Online payment services.
  • Real-time reporting, accounting, and budgeting.
  • Track Member’s Maintenance request and Payment and Usage Status.
  • On-boarding of all Tenants.
  • Real-time reporting, accounting, and budgeting.
  • Streamline communication.