Mr. Gbadamosi

Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager of Excel Valley Estate in Ikorodu, Lagos, went on a trip of 3 months, leaving the estate management to no one.

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During the second month of his travel, some of the tenants had issues with their service charges and utility bills, while some threatened not to renew their rents. Because of all these, he had to make his trip short and return.

His friends were surprised to get his call for hangout. While conversing, a friend asked why he was in town so early, so he narrated his story. The friend then introduced him to Respay.


Respay Solution allows you to run property business remotely and efficiently. Respay gives you the opportunity to stay connected to your tenants, rent collection, advertise vacancies, track expenses per property, tenant screening, rent advance. It is accessible anywhere and anytime.


  • Limited time for private life.
  • Inconveniencing tenant with service charge and utility bill collection and payment.
  • Difficulty with rent collection and verification.
  • Proper attention to maintenance request.


  • Online collection of rent, utility bill service charge, maintenance request.
  • Online tenant screening and document verification.
  • Connect with tenant anytime anywhere.
  • Free up your time.