Mr. Benson


A pensioner at sixty whose only source of income is the property he acquired in his prime - a two-story building situated in the heart of Lagos city.

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Mr. Bensons’ property occupants do not pay their rents at due time and sometimes vacate the building after months of not paying rent. Which has an effect on Mr. Benson considering his age as he cannot handle management problems effectively. Also, this act by his tenants is financially draining for him as financial goals are not met.


Mr. Benson complained to a friend who introduced him to RESPAY. His property was on boarded on the platform, with background checks conducted on the tenants to identify credit score, source of income, and capacity to maintain the property.


  • Little or less knowledge of tenants.
  • Tenant default payment.


  • Adequate knowledge of occupants.
  • Real-time payment tracking and automatic notification of rent.