Mr. Femi Adeolu


A Nigerian, resident in the UK and has invested in real estate in Nigeria. He had earlier engaged an agent to help manage one of his mini estate of 9 units of 4-bedroom terrace in Lagos.

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The caretaker had informed Mr. Adeolu that he had been unable to let out 3 of the 9 units for the past 3 years. In addition, the rent payments from the occupied units were often delayed. This situation worried the landlord as he was not maximizing his investment.

Mr. Adeolu made an impromptu trip to Nigeria for a conference and upon visiting the mini estate, he discovered that all 9 units had been fully occupied for the past 3 years. The tenants also claimed that rent payments are always made as and when due to the caretaker.


Respay was introduced to Mr. Adeolu and it confirmed as the property owner and verified his sources of initial investment in the real estate. All the 9 units and their occupiers (tenants) were then onboarded on the Respay platform. At Mr. Adeolu’s request, we also conducted necessary background checks on the tenants. Our Tenancy Screening is a service to property owners where we assess a prospective tenant’s source of income, capacity to pay rent and properly maintain the apartment to be rented to him.

Respay also provided an Online Rent Collection service to Mr. Adeolu. Our platform automatically generates and sends rent invoices to the tenants’ dashboards and also to their email addresses. The tenants on getting the invoices make rent payments online using multiple channels, including debit card, direct debit, internet banking API, our proprietary wallet and USSD. The rent collected is instantly processed for remittance to Mr. Adeolu’s GBP account in the UK through our International Remittances service.


  • No access to occupancy information.
  • Lack of accountability in rent payment.
  • Local currency remittance to local banks.


  • Occupancy record available online.
  • Online payment of rent and other bills.
  • Global remittance of rent and other payments.