Gold Spring Estate

Residents’ Association

Residents had agreed to organize a year-end event within the estate (45 buildings within the estate) This event would cater to the entertainment needs of all residents and their children.

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It is about the end of the year and elections for the festive event manager has just been concluded in Gold Spring Estate. Dr. John has won the poll, but many residents believed the result was rigged. The outgoing resident association Facility Manager also claims Dr. John has evaded some utility bills like the swimming pool, maintenance bill and should be disenfranchised.


Respay offers a platform where you can register all estate residents and administration. Each estate facility has a dashboard containing details of all residents, bill payment information, and updates. Estate residents can seamlessly organize their elections online and count votes without face-to-face contacts.


  • Manual payment collection and recording.
  • Manual counting of estate election votes.


  • Electronic collections of association levies.
  • Online voting and polls.