1. User Registration

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The Respay web application can be accessed by clicking [Get Started] button on top right corner of all pages on the Respay website or directly clicking the Application.

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You should register if you do not have a Respay account. You can register using either Social Registration method or the traditional registration method.

Social Registration

You can register using your Google, Facebook and Twitter account. Simply click the related social media button and follow the process to allow Respay access your basic public information.

Traditional Registration

Click the Sign Up Free! link on the loaded page. Provide the required information (First name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, Confirm Password) and click [Signup] button. A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email.

Complete Registration

You will be required to provide following information to complete your registration:

  • Account Type (Personal or Business). You will be prompted to provide the Business Name if account type is Business.
  • Address with State, Country. This is enhanced with google places.
  • Phone Number
  • User Roles: You can select multiple roles (PO | PM, FM, Tenant, Estate Association, Utility, Lawyer, Agent/Agencies)
  • Default User Role (select from checked roles)
  • Check Terms of Use

Upon Successful Registration, you can go to Account Settings to manage your account information.

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