2. Tenant Properties

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Menus that will be displayed at any given time on a User Dashboard dependent on the current default role. For a Tenant/Resident default role, the following menus will be available: Dashboard, Properties, Applications, Invoices & Payments, Facility Booking, Visitor Management, Maintenance, Utility, and Value-Added Services (VAS).

The Properties Page loads after clicking the Properties Menu.

[Loaded Page]

The Properties Page displays all existing Properties or Units of the Tenant User in form of property cards. Each property card contains the Property Cover Image/Location Map, Property Name, Amount, #Renewals, Next Renewal Date. The card also holds the following Icons for User action: Dispute and Exit.

Click the Dispute Icon to raise a disputed issue for the PO | PM action.

Click the Exit Icon to notify the PO | PM of your exit plan. You will be required to and enter proposed exit date and leave some comments/reviews.

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