3. Applying to Rent or Buy a Property/Unit

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Menus that will be displayed at any given time on a User Dashboard dependent on the current default role. For a Tenant/Resident default role, the following menus will be available: Dashboard, Properties, Applications, Invoices & Payments, Facility Booking, Visitor Management, Maintenance, Utility, and Value-Added Services (VAS).

The general public can access Respay Listing Platform by using the public URL. Users can also access the Listing Platform by clicking the Application Menu and then [Search] Button on the top right corner of the Application Page.

The Listing Platform displays all properties on Respay that are available under all Listing Types (Rent, Lease, Short-let, Sale and Foreclosure). Applicants can set their search preferences to find a property that fits them perfectly. The platform incorporates the following search parameters and filters: Listing Type, Property Type, Location, Pricing, Tenure, Property Size, Property Condition, and Property Features & Fittings among others.

You can select any desired property to view Listed Property Details page. Our Listing Platform provides full disclosure of all relevant terms relating to all Listed Properties. At the end of the Listed Property Details page, applicants (other than the PO | PM of that particular Property) will see [Apply] buttons for the listed Property or for each Unit for Multiple Units Property Type. Simply click the button on the desired Unit and your application will be sent to the PO | PM. If you are not an existing User, you will be prompted to register before your application is sent. For Properties on Short-let, applicants will be required to provide the Start Date and Duration based on the offered Tenure before the application will be sent.

Notice that when your default role is Tenant, the Application Page displays details of your pending applications while you await response from the PO | PM.

The PO | PM may either Accept, Reject or Further Screen your Application and the pending status on your Application Page will be changed accordingly.

  • If “Accepted”, the property will be moved to your Properties Page as a Tenant which you can access from the Properties Menu and an invoice will be generated and sent to the Applicant.
  • If “Request Screen”, Respay will conduct the Tenancy Screening/Due Diligence within 3 working hours using details on the Users’ Account Settings and other public data. Users should ensure to complete all sections of their Account Settings and provide all necessary supporting documents.

An accepted applicant can view invoice and make payment on the platform once satisfied with the physical inspection and draft tenancy agreement. Note that PO | PM can accept more than one application for a Property or Unit but can only receive payment from just the accepted applicant that makes the first payment. Once a payment has been made for a Property or Unit, the Platform delete the Property or Unit from other accepted applicants so no other payments can be made.

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