2. Screening Applicants

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PO | PM User may engage Respay to conduct a Tenancy Screening/Due Diligence for a fee. Our Screening Report guides their final decision and increase their chances of choosing the right tenants.

Simply select [Request Screening] from the decision dropdown on the reference Application Card and your Wallet will be charged for the Screening Fee (Refer to Pricing Page for the current fees).

Respay will provide a Screening Report within 3 working hours using details on the Users’ Account Settings and other public data. We analyse applicant’s Rental History, Rental Character & Reviews, Financial Capacity, Credit Standing and also run Criminal Background Checks. Users who have not completed all sections of their Account Settings nor provided all necessary supporting documents may risk the getting lower score.

PO | PM can then make a final decision whether to Accept or Reject the application.

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