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Menus that will be displayed at any given time on a User Dashboard dependent on the current default role. For a PO | PM default role, the following menus will be available: Dashboard, Properties, Public Listings, Applications, Rents & Leases, Invoices & Payments, Facility Booking, Visitor Management, Maintenance, Utility, Value-Added Services (VAS) and Reports.

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The Dashboard Page is the default menu loaded at login. The Dashboard Page also loads at other times after clicking the Dashboard Menu.

The Dashboard Page shows a quick summary of the User’s information on the platform arranged under the following sections/widgets:

  1. Property Summary showing number of properties and units added by the PO | PM User. Also lists the 5 most recent properties with occupancy rate. Click to open the PO | PM Properties Page.
  2. Rents & Leases showing count of rent and lease receivables that will be due within 30, 60, 90 days. Click to open the PO | PM Rents & Leases Page.
  3. Payments showing count and total amount paid till date. Also lists the 5 last payments. Click to open the PO | PM Invoice & Payments Page#.
  4. Outstanding showing total amount overdue payments and list 5 tenants with the latest overdue invoices. Click to open the PO | PM Invoice & Payments Page#.
  5. Maintenance showing total maintenance requests and list 5 requests with status. Click to open the PO | PM Maintenance Page.
  6. Wallet, SMS, Messaging showing amount/credits available in Wallet, SMS and Email. The ‘Buy More’ and ‘Manage’ buttons can be used to quickly manage SMS and Emails. More details on the Account Settings.

Contents of other menus are explained in other sections.

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