1. Managing Roles

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Respay is a multi-role platform that allow users to play multiple roles. The following roles are offered:

  1. Property Owner | Portfolio Manager
  2. Tenant | Resident
  3. Facility Manager
  4. Agent
  5. Lawyer
  6. Estate | Resident Association, and
  7. Utility Company.

Users can manage roles from their dashboard after login. Click the Account Settings Icon on the top right corner of the dashboard and select Roles from the listed setting options.

The following are functions that can be performed on the Role Management page:

  • Select and deselect multiple roles from all offered Roles.
  • Select a default role from your chosen Roles.
  • Provide and edit information for each Role. Users are required to provide basic information for each Role including Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Business/Association Name, RC Number, Business/Association Logo, Business/Community Address, Phone Numbers. For Association and Utility Company Roles, additional information required are Association Type (private, public, private-public, government), Name of Representative and Representative Position/Designation
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