3. Editing & Listing Properties

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Menus that will be displayed at any given time on a User Dashboard dependent on the current default role. For a PO | PM default role, the following menus will be available: Dashboard, Properties, Public Listings, Applications, Rents & Leases, Invoices & Payments, Facility Booking, Visitor Management, Maintenance, Utility, Value-Added Services (VAS) and Reports.

The Properties Page loads after clicking the Properties Menu.

[Loaded Page]

The Properties Page displays all existing properties of the PO | PM User in form of property cards. Each property card contains the Property Cover Image, Property Name, #Total Unit, #Occupancy, #Outstanding Invoices. The card also holds the following Icons for User action: View Details, List/De-list, Activate/Deactivate, and Delete.

Editing Properties

Click the [View Details] Icon or the Cover Image on the reference property card to load the Property Details Page. The new page displays the details of selected property in 5 tabs: Basic Information, Property Features, Documents & Roles, Photos & Videos, and Tenancy Terms. Click the [Edit] button on any of the tabs to activate the input fields under the tab and then enter the new information. Remember to click the [Save] button.

Notice that some fields cannot be edited once set.

List/De-list Properties

The [List/De-list] Icon is only active when all required information of the property has been provided.

Click the [List] Icon on the reference property card to list the selected property and all its Units on the Respay Listing Platform and other partner Listing Platforms. The general public and existing Respay Users can now search your properties and apply for them online.

For Listed Properties, the icon will change to [De-list]. You can click the [De-list] Icon and the property and all its Units will be de-listed from the Listing Platforms.

Activate | Deactivate Properties

The [Activate/Deactivate] Icon is only active when all required information of the property has been provided.

Delete Properties

PO | PM can delete Properties at any time as long as the Properties do not have active Leases. Deleted Properties and corresponding information are held permanently in Archive. The Properties in Archive can be restored but cannot be erased from Respay.

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