2. Creating a New Property

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Menus that will be displayed at any given time on a User Dashboard dependent on the current default role. For a PO | PM default role, the following menus will be available: Dashboard, Properties, Public Listings, Applications, Rents & Leases, Invoices & Payments, Facility Booking, Visitor Management, Maintenance, Utility, Value-Added Services (VAS) and Reports.

The Properties Page loads after clicking the Properties Menu.

[Loaded Page]

Only PO | PM User can add new properties on the platform. When the current default role is PO | PM, the [Add New Property] button is visible. Click the button to load the Create New Properties Page. On this page, the User will have to provide the property details through the following 5 tabs:

Tab 1 – Basic Information

Provide basic property details including Property Name, Property Alias, Building Name, Property Description, Estate Name, and Address.

Provide the required information and click [Save & Continue] button to move to the next tab. Property creation is completed when you have provided required information on all the 5 tabs. Users may also click [Save] button to save the filled details and continue later. At any point after the first tab, the property is added to your list of properties in the Properties Page. You can continue later by clicking the property on the Properties Page and you can then go to the next tab from the Edit Property Page.

Tab 2 – Property Features

Provide specific property details including Property Type and Usage Type.

The Property Types currently covered are:

  • Single Unit (for Stand-alone Property/Unit or Terrace)
  • Multiple Units (for Multiple Units in a Single Property e.g Flat, Condo)
  • Shared Space (for Land, Open Space, Table, Bed)

The Usage Types currently covered are:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial – Factory, Warehouse
  • Others – Religious, Event Center

Where the Single Unit Property Type is selected, the User will be required to provide the following details: Property Description, #Living Rooms, #Bedrooms, #Bathrooms, #Balconies, #Parking Lots, Property Features (AC, CCTV, Gym, Swimming Pool, Security, WIFI, TV, Telephone, Private Space, Kitchen Gadget etc)

Where the Multiple Units Property Type is selected, the User will be required to provide the following details: Unit-Class Name, Unit Description, #Living Rooms, #Bedrooms, #Bathrooms, #Balconies, #Parking Lots, Property Features (AC, CCTV, Gym, Swimming Pool, Security, WIFI, TV, Telephone, Private Space, Kitchen Gadget etc) and #Identical Units. For instance, a Multiple Units Property with 4 Units of 2 bedroom flat and 5 units of 3 bedroom flat has 2 unit-classes; the first (2 bedroom flat) has 4 units of identical units and the second (3 bedroom flat) has 5 units of identical units. The [Add Another Unit-Class] link can be used to add another Unit-Class.

Tab 3 – Documents & Roles

Provide the Government Issued Property ID for the Property and click the  [Generate ID] button to generate platform unique Property ID and Unit IDs.

Also provide details of the Property Ownership whether the property is Owned by the User or Managed by the User and upload relevant supporting documents.

Other details requested are the Property Built/Acquired Year, Property Size.

Users can also assign Roles to their partners on this tab. Select the role to assign one at a time from the Role dropdown (Property Manager, Agent, Lawyer, Facility Manager etc) and provide the email, first name and last name of the partner. If the partner is an existing user on our platform, the first name and last name will be auto-populated once the email is provided. Notification is sent by email to the partners to inform them of the assigned role and the partners will be able to perform the roles for the assigned properties.

Tab 4 – Photos & Videos

Add Images & Videos of the property. Maximum allowed are 12 pictures with maximum size of 2MB per picture and 3 videos with maximum size of 15MB per video.

The pictures and videos can be added using Drag&Drop or by files selection method.

Tab 5 – Property Terms

The platform allows you to provide up to maximum of 5 different terms for the single-unit property or for each Unit-Class.

For each term setting, provide the Listing Type, Currency (default is NGN), Amount, Agency Fee, and Legal Fee. The Listing Types currently covered are Sale (Outright Sale, Off-Plan Sale, Mortgage), Foreclosure, Rent, Lease and Short-let.

Other terms are also required where the selected Listing Type is not Sale nor Foreclosure. These include Tenancy Tenure (daily, weekly, monthly, annually), Renewable Lease (**Yes or No), Security Deposit, Maximum Occupancy for Shared Units, Tenant Rights (**No-Transfer, Transfer, Sub Lease), Landlord Commitment (**No Commitment, General Renovation, Painting, Flooring, W/C, Roof Fix, Change of Locks, etc), and Landlord Commitment Duration (within 1 Week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months).

PO | PM can create maximum of 5 terms per Unit/Unit-Class and can select the default term per time. The default term is published on the listing platform when the User list the property under Property Management.

Provided all required details were provided through the 5 tabs, the property creation process is completed by clicking the [Save] button on this last tab.

** default option

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