1. Accepting Applications for Your Properties

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The general public and Respay Users can apply online for your properties on the Respay Listing Platform and other partner Listing Platforms.

PO | PM User can access the Applications Page by clicking the Applications Menu. The Applications Page displays the properties/units applied for, application status and relevant details of the applicants and the application. Each Application Card also has a decision dropdown (Accept, Reject or Request Screening). The PO | PM User may make any decision by selecting it from the decision dropdown and the application status will be changed accordingly.

Note that PO | PM can accept more than one application for a Property or Unit but can only receive payment from just the accepted applicant that makes the first payment. Once a payment has been made for a Property or Unit, the Platform does the following automatically:

  • Removes the Property or Unit from the list of available Properties or Units.
  • Deletes the Property or Unit from other accepted applicants so no other payments can be made.
  • If the Property or Unit was for a Listing Type of Rent, Lease or Short-let,creates Lease for the payer (now tenant). Refer to Lease Management for more.
  • If the Property or Unit was for a Listing Type of Sale or Foreclosure,creates Sale for the payer (now buyer or new PO). Refer to Sales Management for more.
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