Some will argue that Real Estate is still the best investment you can make today. It is really an effective way to passively build your wealth. However, Landlords and Property Managers understand that it requires working like Trojans to take home the returns. There are many routine activities from collecting rents, to inspecting properties from time to time, providing general maintenance on the property, fixing urgent issues, ensuring safety, communicating with tenants, trying to stay calm while interacting with difficult tenants, running background checks, conducting lease agreements, and evicting tenants when necessary. These responsibilities can be overwhelming and sometimes unbearable.

We introduced Respay® Web & Mobile Application to ease the burdens of Landlords and make your rental business enjoyable.

Whether you own one or a lot of properties spread across the country, Respay makes the overall management process easier and more productive. At the comfort of your home, you can keep your rental business under control. You can use our Platform to manage your properties, units, occupancy, and property features. Respay also helps you advertise your vacant properties, receive applications online and screen potential tenants.

Your tenants are offered different online payment options including debit card, bank transfer, Direct Debit, USSD and Respay proprietary wallet. Once a tenant pays, we ensure instant settlement into Landlord’s designated bank account (local or foreign). Settlement can also be split into several bank accounts or Respay wallets based on your remittance preference setting. Tenants get automatic receipts and can look up their payment history, so they don’t need to call you.

You will no longer worry about sending reminders to your tenants of rent due dates as the platform automatically sends renewal invoices with follow-up reminders. You can also set late fees if you allow your tenants to make part or deferred payments.

Also, maintenance issues are no longer your worst nightmare. The platform has onboarded credible maintenance vendors and will auto-route tenants’ maintenance requests directly to your preferred vendor. You can effectively manage communications with tenants using our offered email and SMS credits.

Respay Accounting Module helps Landlords manage accounting and financial reports. We offer convenient end-to-end accounting with easy tracking of general & property expenses. Landlord can securely store downloadable and printable documents online including property title documents, tenancy agreements, notices, invoices, receipts and financial reports.

We have partnered with some financial institutions to offer Landlord Rent Advances and other value added services.

Come onboard by signing up via and enjoy our Free Subscription for your first 20 Housing Units. We only charge a token 0.25% collection fee when your tenants pay online using our payment solution.

No gain saying, Respay Makes Life Easier !!!