Landlords and tenants

Generally, people are not educated enough about their fundamental rights both as tenants and landlords. It is common to have frictions between landlords and tenants over issues ranging from repairs, movement, rent increase, visitors, pets, and so on. To avoid disagreement between tenants and landlord. The following suggestions can be considered. This will help both the tenants and landlords have a smooth relationship during their contract. Using Respay for both landlords and tenants can be the end of landlord/tenant rivalry, as it is built to mend and better the relationship.  

Housekeeping: As a landlord, cleaning of the house or payment for cleaning service should be thoroughly discussed before rent payment is made. Tenants need to be aware if they are to join sanitations on certain days or pay monthly for cleaning service if outsourced. This also includes weeds, fumigation, parking lots, and others. Landlords can receive payment on utilities on Respay directly from their tenants. 

Caution Fee: Asides from paying caution fees, tenants must be careful about how the property is being used. Also, landlords should carry out maintenance to avoid wear and tear on their property. Any form of alteration on the interiors, for example, painting, holes in the wall for frames and mirrors, changing of ceilings and floors should be communicated to the landlord as this can affect the refund on caution fee or should be returned to original shape before moving out.  

Repairs: Repairs can be requested on Respay if landlords and tenants are both users, payment can be negotiated on the platform. This will help keep track on maintenance and damages on the property. 

Tenancy Termination: The landlord should follow due process of informing the tenants about their decision with a document and also give them time to leave the property within the time stipulated by the tenancy law of the country. Legal drafts can be requested on Respay and sent directly to the account of tenant on Respay, this will eliminate claims of not receiving the document by the tenant.  

Non Payment of Rent: Tenants might claim there is technical delay on debit or credit from their financial institution resulting to delay in payment. Landlords can use Respay to collect rent, generate invoice and receipt on the platform as soon as payment is due or paid. This will encourage transparency between the tenants and landlords.  

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